NYC Pie, Defence Colony

A tight little place with a big impact. Have eaten at the Gurgaon outlet, a while ago and even back then the pizzas were excellent, but now with the new revamped menu especially the Grinders blow your mind away.
The aircon was perfect, the place bright and cheery, the hygiene was top notch & the staff led by Bhanu at the top of their game. Well trained and discreet. 
The menu is deceptive, it may seem limited but it’s actually brilliant and the establishment plays to its strengths. 
The three of us wanted to try so much, but I guess will just have to visit again & again! 
The pizza are brilliant & the toppings generously divine especially the pork variations. – from pulled to braised; bacon to pepperoni! I love it…
The Chicken Wings starters with medium spice were just right- crispy on the outside and juicy and flavourful on the inside. We ordered an 8′ BST – smoked crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, garlic oil & balsamico plus the piece de resistance- the blue cheese that just makes it a must have! The second pizza was a 14′ Hog Heaven!!! Believe me, that after you’re done with this you’ve been to heaven and back – the combination of slow braised pulled pork with caramelised onions done to perfection is an absolute treat.. It makes a gourmet out of mere mortals😊😊!
I have left the best for the last! The “2ND CHANCE”- Meatballs, Peppers, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara.. This super sandwich takes the cake. The bread was fresh and soft and the filling so generous that it’s a messy affair and you’ll love it. Can’t even describe it. Go get one. Eat to believe it. Wash it all down with Fresh cold press juices, iced tea or a soda! Do try the STRAIGHT TO HELL Sauce.. The only let down was that I spied ‘paneer’ on this rather wonderful menu.! πŸ˜ƒ 
The hand sanitisers on the table is a nice touch.
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ to NYC Pie and Raj Rao. It’s truly international and high quality

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The Grand Dame of Colaba…

The Grand Dame of Colaba only grows more delightful and welcoming with age. The five days we spent there as a family can truly be described as a magical experience. Staying at what is now called the “Heritage Wing” after over 15 years could not be anything but a study in contrast.

The tragedy that befell this amazing property in terms of loss of both human life and material damage were both unthinkable at the time, with serious doubts being raised as to the future of this magnificent hotel. Only, the TATA’s could have resurrected it in a manner that they have. The physical restoration is as authentic as possible. If one has not lived there before, perhaps, it would be difficult to tell the difference at all. The most poignant and proud location in the hotel is the live memorial in the centre of the hotel, which has a huge stone wall with names of all the people, both staff and guests alike, who lost their lives. It’s a living memorial with a waterfall, sunlight and a small plant. “We will remember them.”

The spanking new avatar is subtlety blended into the “Heritage” experience the place. Every detail has been restored and further accentuated by clever use of modern materials. The rooms are a treat of intuitive, modern technology. The colour, spaces, the artefacts, the paintings, the linen, the marble, the carpet, the furniture, the hotel guides, the guest amenities, the security aspects, mini-bar etc etc.. Experiencing is believing.

The real magic starts at the time of your reserving a room. The Taj experience has been tailored to make you feel special. The constant interaction and a cajoling manner to elicit your preferences is delightful. Their updation of your guest history is near perfection. The arrival at the appointed hour in a personal transport was no hinderance to their preparation. Robert, who escorted us to our room, was a raconteur. The long walk felt really short as he managed to engage us about many aspects of the history of the hotel. His skill was exceptional, as he managed to elicit a response from the normally reticent son of mine.

It’s the attention to detail, that the staff, right from housekeeping, to the butler, the men & women in food service at the restaurants, to the staff you would not directly engage with e.g. engineers gliding along the corridors, managing to time wish you most politely. Every one of them seemed eager to help in any manner, without every making you feel obliged. The things that stood out was the little things, e.g.. on our return to the room, we noticed that the housekeeping had seen the books we were carrying and had placed lovely book-marks for each book. The hazard of modern living are the gadgets that we carry and they had neatly bunched up all the loose wires of our various charges rather neatly, using velcro fasteners. One of the most amazing part of our experience was our check in, where they wanted to make the whole holiday special for Udai. They had a special memento resembling the actual keys to our room with a customised welcome letter. It thrilled him to no bits, he felt ultra-special. It did not end there. In the room they had placed a special welcome kit which including a rather cute stuff toy, a board game, Journal to write in etc.. etc.

One steps out of the hotel and one is in Colonial Bombay. The streets of Colaba still retain the romance of a bygone era. There are two different worlds, one in the day and the other at night. The sea opposite the Taj has character, while the sea at Marine Drive has expanse. There is so much to do behind the Taj, all thawed up to Fort. Food, shopping, the sights and the sound. We travel the world but this is one part of the country which can truly be an Urban holiday in itself.. You must love to walk and browse.. From curios to books, to art on the sidewalk. The series of cafes and restaurants the Victorias with happy tourists to the abundance of greenery (yes, this part of Bombay has trees!)

I guess, the Colaba-Bombay experience is brought alive by this magnificent hotel. It’s the people who serve there proudly that make it one of the finest in the world. The testimony to that, in a city as fast paced as Bombay, the poolside throughout our stay was full of sun bathing guest of various nationalities. This hotel itself is a destination. The Taj Guest services team runs a wonderful curated Heritage Walk through the hotel, bringing alive its amazing history and stories. Zafar Hai’s amazing film that runs on the TV’s in the guest rooms is a must watch for its romance. Roshan Seth as the voice of the Taj is fabulous.

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